Welingkar Executive Education, Bengaluru
Is the speed of Covid-19 Vaccine production and execution of inoculation programs are going hand in hand? — Mr. Sriram Balakrishna

was reading a report recently published by Statista on the countries dominating COVID-19 vaccine production. …

Tips that can help adults keep on their learning journey…By Ms. Sinjini Guha Thakurta

ith online learning gaining momentum with every passing day, here are some tips that can help adults keep at their learning journey –

Tip #1: Stop labelling a course as an online course

Anything you are paying to learn is worth an equal amount of seriousness, whether it is a physical classroom course, or an online course. First, ask yourself…

Welingkar Executive Education, Bengaluru

WeSchool, Bangalore conducts Programs on Leadership Development, Design Thinking & Innovation, Negotiation, Executive Leadership Program & many more.

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